ivania (about 19 hours ago):

Hey @Nickuray, there is never enough of moist. You could send one to Belgrade.

nickyray (3 days ago):

Happy B-Day @Faacile2000 keep on running

nickyray: Happy B-Day @Faacile2000 keep on running
Faacil2000 (5 days ago):

Got my Almoist! thx Niklaus <3

Faacil2000: Got my Almoist! thx Niklaus <3
Faacil2000 (6 days ago):
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nickyray (9 days ago):

VECE VECE @Ivania let me know if there ain't no more moist left... there is plenty in AMS

ivania (11 days ago):
nickyray (13 days ago):
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nickyray (17 days ago):

hey @Nazal what does the Cambodian caviar taste like?

Nazal (17 days ago):
Nazal (17 days ago):
Mia (21 days ago):
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akimbo (25 days ago):

last night I was dreaming of Arizona, in the USA, the people had wings instead of arms and arms instead of legs and they were all covered in a transparent mucus. Still their feathers were light enough to make them fly and their were rising from Phoenix, followed by a nosedive they would call the ARIZONA DIVE.. With their legs which were their arms they touch each other joyfully

Mambolaio89 (26 days ago):
akimbo (27 days ago):
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akimbo (27 days ago):

salt and thirst on tongue

nickyray (30 days ago):

OOOOh @H2Oooo this must be the fine pavement of Zurich?? I'm coming, I melt, wanna melt with you... zischsch ;)

H2Oooo (30 days ago):
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jrdn (30 days ago):
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mustang76 (about 1 month ago):

@nickyray so poetic, u must be french!? Lolz