nickyray (2 months ago):

Hi @akimbo did you get the last delivery of moist??

akimbo (2 months ago):

@nickyray , @Almoist , i am back where it all started. So heat. The shell is all empty, i am so full of memory. Msg me with more stuff, please

Almoist - akimbo: @nickyray , @Almoist , i am back where it all s...
nickyray (6 months ago):
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nickyray (6 months ago):

Almoist Moments

Almoist - nickyray: Almoist Moments
nickyray (8 months ago):

We need to meet! By The way: La Vie C'est Facile plays a show on the 6th of April at the Sexiland!

nickyray (8 months ago):

I got them out long time ago! Bro

akimbo (8 months ago):

Dear @almoist and @nickyray, i just made a security update on the backbone, it's fine now. The cold air renders my skin so dry. When do we meet? asap? They took a tooth

Almoist - akimbo: Dear @almoist and @nickyray, i just made a secu...
Almoist (11 months ago):

You are biking along a canal which is part of a multiplicity of other streams of water. They seem to dissolve this land all the way down into the North Sea. ‘How does a mixture of sweet and salty water feels like?’, you would ask yourself, while your bike tires rub on the used ground. Bricks loaded with cold damp. Your sight is hindered by countless droplets hanging still in the air, carrying signatures of their surroundings. You know where they are coming from. You also know that these waters have to be maintained by chemicals to keep the system in a balance... at least that is what someone told you. The piercing breeze hitting your cheeks and the hands on your handlebar is your vitalising skin-tonic. At this moment, you’ll find punctuations of a salty sea grass scent among these artificial smells, and your brain starts to flush green-gray air through your inner self.

nickyray (11 months ago):

Before the Rain:

Mambolaio89 (about 1 year ago):

dutch breeze fly high

louisemoins (about 1 year ago):
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louisemoins (about 1 year ago):
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akimbo (over 1 year ago):

Rough rubber was so sticky on tuscanian asphalts. 0 humid, 0. What time is it in Kokokorea??

Almoist (over 1 year ago):

On the roof terrace above the hot streets, a fresh breez. Almoist is now, from June 23rd until July 14th on a pop-up vacation at TWOFFICE in Seoul, Korea.

nickyray (over 1 year ago):
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ivania (over 1 year ago):
nickyray (over 1 year ago):

@akimbo i do believe in your Algo and in the power of ten ;)

akimbo (over 1 year ago):
nickyray (over 1 year ago):

Just like that:

Almoist - nickyray: Just like that: