nickyray (3 months ago):

OOOOh @H2Oooo this must be the fine pavement of Zurich?? I'm coming, I melt, wanna melt with you... zischsch ;)

H2Oooo (3 months ago):
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jrdn (3 months ago):
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mustang76 (3 months ago):

@nickyray so poetic, u must be french!? Lolz

nickyray (3 months ago):

avaler (qqch./qqn.) verb –– swallow sb./sth. v (almost always used) –– J'étais tellement surprise que j'ai avalé mon chewing-gum. –– I was so surprised that I swallowed my chewing gum. –– J'ai avalé mon chewing-gum sans le faire exprès. –– I accidentally swallowed my chewing gum.

mustang76 (3 months ago):
mustang76 (3 months ago):

Wow... notes of fresh green cut leafage are pouring from a raptured water hoe that was laying on the bare sun, straight in my face. Pure bliss!

julieneona (3 months ago):
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ivania (3 months ago):

When the earth, water, plants and flowers collide together into a symphony of warm air touching every pore of your uncovered skin, fighting to go even deeper to all the hidden parts. Don't forget about the sound of leafs touching between each other and the rhythm of water dancing.

sajb17 (3 months ago):
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akimbo (3 months ago):
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akimbo (3 months ago):

julieneona and me just came back from agistri / all afk / after the petrol only blurry blue through the layer of salty slime on the pupil / anyone go there together?

nickyray (3 months ago): would like to know how the wrinkly skin on your partner's hands feel when they are gliding slowly – almost without touching – over your entire body. You feel a shiver. You don’t care where this is going – your sole aim is relaxation. Your skin desires lots of lube, the product you use is organic – Aloe – without preservatives. / But the one you have been using before, that one that had a smell of burned plastic and sweet blooming magnolias, that is the one you have to feel on your skin now. You crave for these shivers as you get lost in time. Don’t forget that you need someone for getting you there. Someone who peals you out of these soaked cotton layers and unveils the reluctant goosebumps of your skin under harsh neon lights.

andersofdenmark (3 months ago):
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shitsudomost (3 months ago):
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linegry (3 months ago):
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nickyray (3 months ago):
BuddhasHand (3 months ago):
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ivania (4 months ago):
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