akimbo (17 days ago):

Rough rubber was so sticky on tuscanian asphalts. 0 humid, 0. What time is it in Kokokorea??

Almoist (20 days ago):

On the roof terrace above the hot streets, a fresh breez. Almoist is now, from June 23rd until July 14th on a pop-up vacation at TWOFFICE in Seoul, Korea.

nickyray (about 1 month ago):
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ivania (about 1 month ago):
nickyray (about 2 months ago):

@akimbo i do believe in your Algo and in the power of ten ;)

akimbo (2 months ago):
nickyray (3 months ago):

Just like that:

Almoist - nickyray: Just like that:
nickyray (3 months ago):

Camping, tasting sun and living

Almoist - nickyray: Camping, tasting sun and living
ivania (3 months ago):

@Almoist tastes like spring.

Almoist - ivania: @Almoist tastes like spring.
Almoist (5 months ago):

The sculpture by NOMAN Studio is for the last days (-25.02) to experience at the Cuyperhuis in Roermond (NL). Go south and smell it yourself

Almoist - Almoist: The sculpture by NOMAN Studio is for the last d...
Almoist (5 months ago):

A new batch of ALmoist was yesterday carefully bottled at Fou Fow Ramen! Order it Now for You –>

Almoist - Almoist: A new batch of ALmoist was yesterday carefully ...
nickyray (6 months ago):

A hand on shutter on a arm on a chest on a shoulder, honestly touched by a hand on a screen... I wanna know more!

tomtom (6 months ago):

It didn't happen the way you think it did. I actually have no idea how you think things happen to be honest, and seeing that we are on the theme of honesty I don't really care how you think at all. The important thing to remember is that it DID happen and that's the beautiful thing about it... The one at the back likes the one at the front and the one at the front likes the one at the back, the one in the middle likes another one far far away but he doesn't matter at this point. What matters is the fact that this moment right here happened and that things will never be the same again... Almoist.

Almoist - tomtom: It didn
Nazal (6 months ago):
akimbo (8 months ago):

My dear @Almoist, winter is breaking in, i'm having my last lotus iced tea, the radiators make my skin burst open and there's so little of you to calm it down, miss

Oimoist (9 months ago):
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Almoist (9 months ago):

-–-–> 20/10 Launch in Berlin at the Klaesi Holdener store. Together with jewelry brand Studio Maison, Velt Shoes, furniture designer Marcel Pasternak and the dj's La Vie C'Est Facile we will celebrate at the Uhlandstrasse 170 in Charlottenburg.

Almoist - Almoist: -–-–> 20/10 Launch in Berlin at the Klaesi Hold...
Almoist (9 months ago):
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